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How Can I Help Ferson?



All parents, guardians, and staff members are welcomed to be a part of the PTO community. We rely on people like you to help our organization do great things! Even though school looks different than what we are used to, the PTO still works hard behind the scenes in any way we can.


Check out the link below to see a variety of ways that you can help make Ferson a welcoming and exciting place for our students to learn. There's a wide variety of ways you can help, from volunteering as a committee chair to volunteering on as needed basis, from home on your own time to during the school day. We look forward to working together for our students!



**PLEASE NOTE: ALL volunteer opportunities this school year are dependent upon District 303's most current guidelines regarding school events and volunteers being allowed in school buildings.**



For more information about the PTO, please contact Kristy McKnight, Principal, or any of our current PTO Board nominees. You may also email the current PTO Board at FersonCreekPTO@gmail.com .

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